7th Grade Math Worksheets

The sheets below are skills review and its key for the first few days of school

Chapter 2: Number Theory and Algebraic Concepts

and key for the above:

Chapter 3 (the first quarter ends with section 3.6 and the 2nd Quarter begins with section 3.7)

End of Quarter 1

Quarter 2 begins with section 3.7 which can be found above in the Ch 3 worksheets
this review and key is up to 3.6 but the quarter test will go up to the sections in chapter 3 that we have covered in class.

Please note: Quarter 2 begins with section 3.7 found in Ch 3 worksheets
Chapter 11 (11.1, 11.4-11.6): Equations and Inequalities

this sheet below contains negatives which our hw in the textbook does not have:

Chapter 4: Operations with Rational Numbers

above is a good review of the first 3 sections and the key is included!

End of Quarter 2

Chapter 10: Probability

Chapter 5: Proportional Reasoning

Chapter 1
End of Quarter 3


Chapter 6: Percent 6.1-6.6

Chapter 7: Plane Figures

Chapter 8: Perimeter, Circumference and Area (8.3-8.6)

Quarter 4 Test Review

Chapter 9: Volume (9.1-9.3)

if time permits:
8.7 Powers and Roots
8.8 Pythagorean Thm
11.2 and 11.3 Solving multistep eqs and eqs with variables on both sides
11.7 Solving 2 step inequalities