Algebra I: 8th Grade Accelerated

Chapter 1 The Language and Tools of Algebra

List of Properties: Practicing properties:

1st try at Quizlet with properties:
Click on site then in the blue are all the options, try them all and see what works best for you!!
<a href="" title="Study Properties vocabulary flashcards on Quizlet">Properties</a>
Chapter 2: Solving Linear Eqs

Word Problems:

Some Review:

Chapter 6: Solving Linear Inequalities
A former Student's Power point presentation of Absolute Value equations and Inequalities:


14 really good questions

End of Quarter 1
this review and key is only a guide, please refer back to all wkshts, quizzes and tests for more practice problems


Additional Review

---this is Mr. Doyle's review, I believe his key should be on his wikispace (
Chapter 3: Functions and Patterns

Chapter 4: Analyzing Linear Equations

Chapter 5 Systems of equations

these are on the website page as well, but thought they'd be useful here: digit, age, and w/c.

End of Quarter 2

Below is a 2nd review for the quarter test

Chapter 7: Polynomials

Chapter 8: Factoring
(Quarter 3 test went up to 8.3, Quarter 4 test starts at 8.4)

Word Problems

End of Quarter 3 (up to 8.3)


Chapter 12: Probability and Statistics

Stat pack Key

Chapter 11: Rational Expressions and Equations

REVIEW: check out the corrections, always check !
2 corrections so far!!!! Aimee Dubin!!! woo hoo
#6, should be (4 + 3x) in the numerator not 7x
#11, should be v in the denominator not v squared
Erin Sharkey is in the mix:
Her corrections: #57 the denominator should be 2n - 3
#63 , totally added wrong in my work so the real answer is -7, (can't be 4)
#70 , the numerator is 9t - 2
#75, the numerator should be -8x + 3 and the denominator should be 3xsquared - 15x
#79, subtracted wrong so the real answer should be -4

Chapter 10: Radical Expressions and Triangles

Some helpful PowerPoint presentations:

Here are a few power points for chapter 10
external image alg x10 Simplifying Radicalsx div.pps
Simplifying Radicals + -.pps
external image
external image Simplifying Radicals2.pps
external image Simplifying Radicals3.pps
external image Simplifying Radicalsx div.pps
external image Simplifying Radicals1 rational.pps
external image Simplifying Radicals1 irrational.pps
external image Simplifying Radicals (variables).pps

Chapter 9: Quadratic Functions

End of Quarter 4 (from 8.4 and forward)

The key :

#24 forgot to state restrictions: x cannot equal 1 or -1
#27 should say all Real numbers except f cannot equal 3