Algebra II 213 Help page
Chapter 1: Foundations for Functions
1.1 Sets of Numbers (PEMDAS)

1.2 Properties of Real Numbers

1.4 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

2.1 and 2.2 Solving Linear Equations and Proportions

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1.5 Properties of Exponents

Word Problem Supplements (Area, Perimeter, Numbers, Motion and Some other types may be included)

Chapter 2: Linear Functions
2.1 Solving (Equations) Inequalties

2.3 Graphing Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities

Here is the key to a review sheet 2.1-2.3
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png
review sheet key 2.1 and 2.3.pdf

2.4 Writing Linear functions

8.1 Variation Functions

2.5 Linear Inequalities (2 variable)

Here's a powerpoint to practice graphing linear inequalities:
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external image empty.png

2.8 Absolute Value Eqs, Inequalities, and Compound Inequalities

(listed below is a sheet of examples of these types of problems)

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external image msword.png
solving absolute value equations and inequalities.doc

Word Problem Supplements for Inequalities with Age and Motion

*2.7 Linear Regression is possible to complete here

Studying for Chapter 2 test? here you go! :)
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external image msword.png
Algebra 2 Ch 2 review.doc


Functions_Part of Chapter 1 and Part of Chapter 9
1.6 Relations and Functions (Need to supplement Domain and Range)
1.7 Function Notation
9.1 Function Graphs
9.4 Operations with Functions
9.5 and 7.2 Inverses of Functions

Chapter 3: Linear Systems**

3.1 Solve Systems by Graphing
3.2 Algebraic Methods for Systems: Substitution and Elimination
3.3 Solving systems of Inequalities
3.4 Linear Programming (basic intro)
3.5 Solving systems in 3 space (basic intro: plotting, solving by substitution)

Chapter 4 Matrices

4.1 Matrices intro- basic operations
4.2 Multiplication of Matrices
4.4 Determinants and Cramer’s Rule (optional)
Chapter 5: Quadratics
5.1 Graphing Quadratics

Extra supplement on factoring methods and “foiling” practice

5.3 Solving by Factoring
1.3 Square roots (basic review of radicals)5.4 Solving by Completing the Square
5.5 Complex Numbers and Roots

5.6 Solve by the Quadratic formula

5.9 Complex numbers and Operations

Word Problem Supplement