Incoming Freshmen for the 2015-2016 Schoolyear:
Blank Copy of Summer Packet

Key to Summer Packet

Please note
week 7, #2 the answer is 5 :)

Do you want an extra practice sheet before the test???? (shout out to Mrs. Bisio, she made this!!! Yay for Mrs. Bisio!!!!!)
Here's the key:

Tentative Schedule:
Tuesday: meet/seats/textbooks possible summer packet discussion
Wednesday: summer packet discussion
Thursday: summer packet discussion
Friday: Test on summer packet (worth 100 pts)

Here are Helpful Pre-Algebra sheets:
Adding and Subtracting Integers

Order of Operations

word problems....

Information about logging onto the online text:

292 Course Grading Policy:
The summer packet test is worth 100 points
Quizzes can range from 20 points and higher
Tests can range from 80 points and higher
Progress/proficiency in the computer lab modules will be worth 100 pts at the end of quarter/module depending on where the module ends.

292 Course Outline for the 2014-2015 Schoolyear (work in progress) :
This is the Course Outline but it is going to continually be a "work in progress." We are unsure of the timing because this is the first year with this textbook. At this time, it is unclear where the quarter 1 information will end and the quarter 2 information will begin so it may be stated for our planning purposes but when we know, it will be updated. Thank you

Chapter 1 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
(computer module 1 will correlate with Chapters 1-3)

1.1 . Dependent , Independent Variables
1.2 Domain, Range, functions, Vertical Line test
Chapter 1 worksheets:

Module 1 Due
khan academy search words:
independent variable
dependent variable
vertical line test
Chapter 2 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
2.1 Modeling Linear Siutations
2.2 Problem Solving using multiple methods
2.3 Solving Inequalities
review sheet for 2.1-2.3


2.4 Compound Inequalities
2.5 Absolute Value, Equations, Inequalities
Chapter 2 worksheets:


Module 2 due

khan academy practice problems and additional search words:
solving proportions:

solving equations with variables on both sides:

solving inequality word problems:

slope intercept form
solving linear equations
solving linear inequalities
absolute value equations
absolute value inequalities

Chapter 3 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
3.1 Modeling Data Using Linear Regression skip for now and come back (Line of Best Fit)
3.2 Slope Int form and Standard Form
3.3 Literal Equations
(omit 3.4)
key to skills:

Key to review sheet: (Thank you Mrs. Bisio!!!!!)

Module 3 due
khan academy search words:
slope intercept form
standard form
literal equations


Chapter 6 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
(Computer Module 2 will correlate with Chapters 6 and 7)

6.1 Solving Lineaer Systems Graphically and Algebraically
6.2 Using Linear Combinations to Solve a Linear System
6.3 Solving More Systems
6.4 Using Graphing, Substitution and Linear Combinations

Practice problems for solving equations by elimination:
and the key

Module 4 due
khan academy search words:
solving systems of equations
linear combination

Chapter 7 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
7.1 Graphing Inequalities
7.2 Systems of Linear Inequalities

Review for 7.1 and 7.2

Key for Review for 7.1 and 7.2 (Yay for Mrs. Bisio!!!)

please note correction for #6
y is greater than or equal to 30x + 100
y is greater than or equal to 50x + 25
Module 5 due

midterm review key is below (the spacing is a little bit off and be aware that page 8 is where that starts)

2nd semester

Chapter 13 ONLINE TEXT from COURSE 3

students received a copy of this but the textbook is also available here:
13.1 Powers and Exponents
13.2 Multiplying and Dividing Power
13.3 Zero and Negative Exponents


13.4 and 13. 5 double check about

if time
13.6 Combination of skills

key to the skills

Module 6 due

Chapter 11 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1

11.3 Domain, Range, Zeros and Intercepts
11.4 Factored Form of a Quadratic Function


Review for quiz:


Chapter 12 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1
12.1 Polynomials, Adding, Subtracting Polynomials
12.2 Multiplying and Factoring
12.3 Factoring Polynomials
12.4 Solving Quadratics by Factoring
Review Sheet: 12.1-12.4

Key to Review sheet 12.1-12.4 ***Please note: #13, the leading coefficient should be a 4

12.5 Special Products
12.6 Simplifying Roots
12.7 Solving by Completing the Square
including section 13.1 Quadratic Formula




Module 7 due
Chapter 8 ONLINE TEXT from CCAlg 1

8.1 Graphically Representing Data
8.2 Central Tendency
8.4 IQR
8.5 Stem and Leaf

key :

Chapter 16 ONLINE TEXT from COURSE 2
16.3 Theoretical Probability

Chapter 17 ONLINE TEXT from COURSE 2
17.2 Creating and Using Probability Models
17.3 Compound Probability

Module 8
Chapter 14 ONLINE TEXT from Algebra 1
14.1 The numbers of the Real Number System
14.2 Properties of the Real Number System

AFTER Keystones:

Chapter 6 CCAlg1 : Pythagorean theorem, distance formula, midpt formula, operations with radicals from ch 12.6
Module 9 due


Review #1
Blank copy:

Key : please note below there is a correction to the key

              • #41 says the vertex is (-4,4) and it totally is but then I graphed it incorrectly. The graph should be opening downward.
Review #2
Blank copy of Objectives and the huge review #2 for the final exam:


All assignments, lessons and worksheets below this line were from a previous school year and textbook. Please use any of these as a resource but follow the course curriculum above this line for our coursework for the 2014-2015 school year .


Chapter 4
4.1 Plot points in a coordinate plane
pg.209, #'s 1-13 all, 25, 27, 28

4.2 Graph linear equations
pg. 219, #'s 3-7 odd, 11-31 odd

4.3 Graph using intercepts
pg. 229, #'s 5-35 odd, 54, 55, and 56

4.4 Find slope
pg.240, #'s 8-18 all, 43-61

4.5 Graph using slope intercept form
pg. 247, #'s 3-19 all, 21-27 odd, 38 (38 is a little bit harder...)

Let's solve for y on some examples of our own and graph graph graph!!! :)

BIG QUIZ 4.1-4.5..........
Review Sheet for 4.1-4.5

Key for the Review Sheet 4.1-4.5

Lots of good stuff on this powerpoint to help study.......

4.6 Direct Variation
pg.256, #'s 3-8, 11-21 odd, 29-37 odd, 57-62 all

4.7 Graph linear functions

HW:pg.266, #'s 15-35 odd, 60

Helpful worksheets:

REVIEW Sheet for TEST 2013


Chapter 5

5.1 Write linear equations in slope intercept form
pg.286, #'s 3-15 all, 19, 21, 31-37 odd

5.2 Use linear equations in slope intercept form
pg.296, #'s 11-29 odd, 43

5.3 Write Linear Equations in Point-Slope form
pg. 305, #'s 3-11 all

5.4 Write linear equations in standard form
pg.314, #'s 5-27 odd, 45-49 odd

5.5 Write equations of parallel and perpendicular lines
pg.322, #'s 3-11 odd, 19-25 odd, 39

5.6 Linear regression

pg.328, #'s 3, 4, 5
supplement problems


Helpful worksheets:

block day 1
block day 2

Before Chapter 6

Bring on the Chapter 6!!!
Practice solving multistep equations so we can
6.3 Solve multi step inequalities
pg.372, #'s 17-31 odd, 45-56 all

6.4 Solve compound inequalities
pg.384, #'s 9-19 odd, 23 and 25, 47-55

6.5 Solve absolute value equations and 6.6 solving absolute value inequalities

pg. 393, #'s 3-19 odd, 23, 25 and 27
pg.401, #'s 3-20 all

6.7 Graph 2 variable linear inequalities
pg.409, #'s 3-35 odd, 44, 45 and 46

Helpful worksheets:

Really good powerpoint below from a former student:



Chapter 7The powerpoint below is a brief description of solving systems by graphing, substitution and by elimination:
7.1 Solve linear systems by graphing
pg. 430, #'s 3-11 odd, #'s 13-23 odd, 33, 35

7.2 Solve linear systems by substitution
pg.439, #'s 3-17 odd, 25 and 27, 39-43 odd

7.3 Solve linear systems by add/subtract
pg.447, #'s 3-33 multiples of 3, 42a

7.4 Solve linear systems by multiplying first
pg. 454, 9-33 multiples of 3, 37

7.5 Solve special types of linear systems 463, #'s 15- 30 multiples of 3, 43-51 odd

7.6Solve system of linear inequalities
pg.469, #'s 3-33 multiples of 3, 40

Helpful worksheets and powerpoints:
Jeopardy game found on internet:



Chapter 8

8.1Properties of exponents involving products
pg.492, #'s 3-48 multiples of 3, 61, 65

8.2 Properties of exponents involving quotients
pg.498, #'s 3-45 multiples of 3, 55, 65

8.3 Use zero and negative exponents
pg.506, #'s 3-45 multiples of 3, 65, 67

Review for 8.1-8.3 quiz:

8.4 Use scientific notation
pg.515, #'s 3-48 multiples of 3, 61-67 odd

Helpful worksheets:


Chapter 9
9.1 Add and subtract polynomials
pg.557, #'s 3-35 odd, 43-47 odd

9.2 Multiply polynomials
pg.565, #'s 3-43 odd, 50

9.7 Factor special products no hw yet........
9.8Factor polynomials completely

9.4 Solve polynomial equations in factored form
g.578, #'s 3-47 odd, 61-73 odd

9.6 Factor any quadratic trinomial
pg.596, 5-37odd

Review of Chapter from the text, "Chapter 9 Test"
pg. 621 , #'s 1-21 odd, 23-31 all

Helpful worksheets:
Chapter 9 review sheet and its key :



Chapter 13Find probability and odds

says "test" but it's a worksheet

pg. 896, #'s 4 and 5
pg. 897, #'s 10 and 15
pg. 901, #'s 1-12 all
Helpful worksheets:


File Not Found
File Not Found

pg. 901, # 14
a)same directions
b) just range
c) make a separate line plot for girls and boys
d) came directions


Chapter 10Solve Quadratic Equationspg.10.1 Graph y = ax2 + c (ax"squared" + c)pg.632, #'s 9-36 multiples of 310.2 Graph y = ax2 + bx + c (ax"squared" + bx + c)pg.638, #'s 15-36 multiples of 3Helpful worksheets:


Chapter 11
11.2 Simplify radical expressions
pg.723, #'s 3-60 multiples of 3

11.3 Solve radical equations
pg.732, #'s 3-27 multiples of 3, 42-49 all

11.4 Use Pythagorean theorem and its converse and
11.5 Use distance and midpoint formulas
pg.740, #'s 3-29 odd, 30
pg.747, #'s 3-42 multiples of 3, 50

Helpful worksheets:

OTHER wksht

KEYSTONE packet from State key
PLEASE NOTE: correction #3, I did GCF when it really asked for LCM

blank copy

There are topics in these packets that have not been taught yet but will be covered in the next few weeks. When we see these problems, please copy down the work when we go over them so we have a reference.



Back to Chapter 10
Solve quadratic equations by quadratic formulapg.Compare linear, quadratic and exponential modelspg.Write and graph inverse variation equationspg.Helpful worksheets:

REVIEW SHEET for simplifying radicals, operations with radicals, pyth theorem, distance formula, midpoint and quadratic formula:

Chapter 12
12.3Divide polynomials
pg.788, #'s 3-17 odd, 51-65 odd

12.4 Simplify rational expressions
pg. 798, #'s 11-33 odd, 36, 37, 38, 47-59 odd

12.5Multiply and divide rational expressions
pg.806, #'s 5-19 odd, 39-51 odd

12.6Add and subtract rational expressions
pg.816, #'s 3-29 odd
File Not Found
File Not Found

12.7Solve rational equations
pg.816, #'s 3-29 odd

Helpful worksheets:


simplifying radicals
Rationalize the denominator
factor factor factor
systems of equations

FINAL EXAM Materials for 2014

below is last year's which is very similar

*FINAL EXAM PREP (2 different reviews)

1) This packet is thereview 2012-2013, distributed in class but here is a blank one if you want to retry problems.

and Key:

2) As stated in class, this review lists problems from the textbook. This was 2011-2012 review and Chapter 7 is not mentioned but it is on the 2012-2013 Final.
problems from text: