Helpful websites:

General Websites that are helpful throughout the year :)

google: "kuta software" it is awesome, click on free worksheets and just pick your topic!!

totally think this one is great, has so many things I have yet to explore!!!! Check out the left side
I love this one! Very user-friendly and easier to navigate through. So many topics to choose from, yay!
I like the word problem one. You can hit word problems on the left and then go to "word problems with Katie."
pretty neat, more advanced topics, specific to high school
this site is really somebody else's list and there were soooooo many on there I thought it would be good to add it along with my favorites. There are some sites on here geared toward younger students so pass the info on to your little brothers and sisters, math math math!!!!!

Websites by topic:

Rachel Hyman found this one, it converts a linear equation from standard form to slope intercept form and then shows you the graph! Wow!!!!!

another one found by Rachel Hyman!!!
Two Variable Word Problems
here are three youtube videos that Rachel also found for 2 variable word problems!!!!
(digit, age, and w/c.)

Solving Equations (Linear and Quadratic Eqs)
this is a worksheet generator that is specific for solving linear and quadratic eqs. It will also give you the answers so if you are looking to practice specifically solving equations, this is the website for you!!!! :) Mr. Hogan found this one!!!! :)

Distance problems
these are some examples of distance problems, d = rt
Train A travels east at ...... those kind! Your parents will remember those!

Ratios & Rates:
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Factoring Trinomials:

Factoring by Grouping:

Difference of 2 Perfect Squares:
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Factoring Review: